Why Choose Home Pro Inspections?

Hire a thorough home inspector in Fort Wayne or Auburn, IN

Home Pro Inspections brings years of construction experience to our home inspections in the Fort Wayne and Auburn, IN areas. Unlike other companies, we possess an experienced understanding of all your home’s most vital structures and systems. And there’s nothing we love more than putting that understanding to work on behalf of clients like you.

You'll get thorough work

Home Pro Inspections is known for unparalleled thoroughness in our Fort Wayne and Auburn, IN home inspections. In fact, it’s because of our attention to detail that certain real estate companies refuse to hire us!

If you’re looking for uncommon care from a residential home inspector, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll diligently inspect a home’s:

• Structural components
• Foundation
• Roofing
• Siding
• Chimney
• Widows
• Doors
• Driveways and walkways
• Grading
• Interior and exterior electrical
• Flooring
• Walls
• Ceilings
• Built-in appliances
• Plumbing
• HVAC units
• Attic
• Basement
• Crawlspace and ventilation

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You'll get the power of thermal imaging

Thermal imaging’s the latest, greatest innovation for residential home inspections in Fort Wayne and Auburn, IN— and Home Pro Inspections is leading the charge!

With this amazing, high-tech imaging equipment, the Home Pro Inspections team is able to discover leaks, hotspots and electrical issues that the naked eye simply can’t detect. There’s no future problem that we won’t discover, analyze and include in our professional inspection reports!

Why settle for a second-rate inspection company? Call Home Pro Inspections today at 260-385-9055 to schedule an appointment for a thermal imaging home inspection in the Fort Wayne or Auburn, IN area.